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Why Leadership Coaching?

The Cost

Almost three-quarters (72.28 per cent) of participants stated that they had left an organisation in their last three roles because of the leadership team, their direct manager or a combination of both.  These roles included a variety of public and private-sector positions.

The top three behaviours

In today’s climate of frequent indiscretions and ethical misconduct, it’s unsurprising that the top three personal behaviours employees believe are essential in good leaders are:

The skills

Asked to nominate the three most important leadership skills, the response from AIM 2019 Leadership Survey participants was clear; interpersonal skills are essential!

How I Can Support You...


This is perfect for “insert target market” who are ready to “insert what they will achieve”….. but need help to develop a clear system to convert leads.

During this 2 hour Private Session with Nas you will workshop a strategy to achieve your desired business outcomes….



This is perfect for “insert target market” who are “where they are currently at” and are ready to “where you will take them”…

During this 12 month program you will receive 1 x 60 minute Coaching session per week with Nas, access to various templates and resources as well as our Membership Site. In addition you will get complete our Digital Marketer Course & get Facebook Ads training.




This is perfect for “insert target market” who are “where they are currently at” and are ready to “where you will take them”…

During this 12 month program with Nas you will …

Bonus features include access to our affiliate programs “Your Success (Personal Development) and “Ultimate Influence (Sales Program).”


Ensuring You Succeed


We Identify your goals, challenges and build the specific benchmark for a tailored made leadership training program for your team.


We become the pillar for supporting you to develop your NEW leaders in order to drive increase revenues, increase staff retention and organisational leadership.


We will develop a 6-12 month Coaching Plan for you or your team in to close the gaps and drive results within your organisation.


We continually check in and provide weekly coaching sessions to ensure no stone is left unturned. We support you to create an implementation plan to provide change management into your organisation.


The 12 Rules to Niching so you can gain CLARITY, Increase REVENUE and have IMPACT!


See what it’s like to work with me…

Nathan Meola
Coach and Speaker

Nas is a phenomenal coach. I started working with Nas at a time when I was unsure about how to get my coaching business off the ground. Within 6 weeks of working together I had signed up two 12 month clients and gained clarity and confidence about my business and my ability to serve my clients.

Cammilla Hansen
Facebook Marketer

Nas has inspired me to step up and which helped me increase my revenue, which in November to 5 x double my average monthly income.

Jonathan Jacobson
Principal Lawyer

The proof is in the pudding – my income grew by around 30% over the period I worked with Nas. The income growth was important, but that was just one of many benefits I experienced working with Nas. I can’t recommend him more highly and would be happy to speak to any of his prospective clients to give a verbal testimonial.

About Nas

Lead Trainer and Coach

Nas Vou Coaching focuses on delivery real tangible results for their clients located nationally and internationally who service the small business sector.  


With over a decade of experience in sales and customer service, Nas focuses on helping small business owner to reach their revenue and profit target’s by pushing through their limiting beliefs

and uncovering what is holding them back from their goals, dreams and desires.


Nas believes that when you win, he also wins which is why clients are carefully chosen and limited to only those he knows he can trust and help meaning he is focused on creating real value and results. 


Creating revenue is crucial to all new and existing business success. Focusing on your business and on what’s most important, while providing a detailed map of how to get there with the Nas Vou Coaching planning executional method and mastering the inner game of sales psychology.


Nas Vou Coaching set’s you up to win from the get go and keep’s you winning for years.

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